Security refers to all measures in use or that can be applied to frustrate the activities of a saboteur. The importance to security or the degree measure necessary for guaranteeing relative safety of individuals and households vary from one society to another. The more sophisticated a society is, the higher the level of security measures that will be required for safety of life and property.

Whichever way we look at security, it is pertinent to understand that every society requires some form of good security measures in place to remain relatively safe. For instance, no rational investor would invest his hard earned resources in an environment where the security of his life and investment cannot be readily guaranteed. When such fears persist, economic growth suffers.

In other words, no meaningful development can take place in any environment where the security of life and property of citizens and investors is not considered and treated as a priority.

In today’s globalized would, the importance of security cannot be overemphasized. It is therefore an important personal responsibility to oneself as well as others around us to remain security conscious at all times to minimize the many risks to our lives and property.

The handbook, therefore discusses some important security tips that we ignore or sometimes, pay little attention to in our day-to-day lives. The handbook is also tailored to enlighten individuals, households, schools and offices on critical security measures that ought to be considered in our daily lives to reduce the level of risk that we take. It is not, in any way, an encyclopedia of security, neither does it lay claim to providing all the essential security tips required for our existence. It should, therefore, not be relied upon for all situations. However, it remains a basic guide and an outline that can always improve upon by individuals based on their personal experience and the type situation or environment they find themselves in.

This handbook is a simple guide to personal security. It is designed to assist individuals, whether at house or offices to enable them understand some security measures that will enable us block the numerous security loopholes surrounding us and at all times.