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By Mazi Omife I. Omife


They call him lion. Some call him Odumejeje. Others call him liquid metal. But his real name, which most people do not know, is Chukwuemeka.

I wouldn’t call him an albino, although he looks and behaves exactly like one. This is because if he is looking at you, it looks as if he is not seeing you. But he sees you.

He does not enter his church until the church is full capacity. On most occasions, he is always late to church services. And he never minds.

Immediately the lion enters, nobody will tell you he has entered. He doesn’t enter the church like you and I. He staggers like Osuofia of Nollywood often does. He staggers again and stops as if he is in a fight with somebody. He looks at no one in particular and gives a wry smile.

Then he turns suddenly, like the Igbo Agaba or Okwomma masquerade. The only difference is that he has no rope tied to his waist, like the Agaba or Okwomma, to control his unpredictable and acrobatic movements. But then, his assistants are made up of big time drug barons. When the lion starts his acrobatic show, they keep their distance.

 As the pastor finally heads for the altar area, he first kicks his right leg as if he is kicking a football. Then he releases the left leg, severally kicking the air. He stretches his hands forth and back like a wrester in the ring. Then he jumps up nearly two meters high. The he stops and smiles at his congregation. Then his congregation bursts out: “The lion himself!”

The thunderous ovation charges him the more and he starts his acrobatic show proper, as one in a Kung Fu competition with an opponent. He beats his chest in self-praise like the legendary boxing king, Muhammed Ali does in the ring.

Suddenly, one of his assistants comes out with bundles of money and hands over to him, which he begins to spray on members of his congregation and the entire church goes wild with fun and excitement. It is believed he employs this gimmick to mesmerize the congregation and as cover-up for his fake miracles.

Then in a dramatic twist, his assistants fetch more bundles of money which they begin to spray on the pastor and both the pastor and his aides go on frenzy in the money spraying spree like what happened during the launch of Ebenezer Obey’s Board members album. The spraying lasts for one hour or more. All this in a supposed house of God.

After the money show, then, the man of satan, sorry, man of God opens up.

Nwanne, I’m the strongest

I’m more than a dragon

I’m the liquid metal

Nwanne, iga-anu uda ya

Ada agha oka na filling station

Onye nwelu one bar ada aza call

Intr hoosa hoosa hoosa….

This is a man of God. This is a pastor.

I wonder why the Government allows people like this to mess like this in the name of church pastors. I told a Speaker of Anambra House of Assembly at one time the House should enact a law that would make it compulsory for anybody who claims to be a pastor to show a certificate as evidence that he has undergone through a genuine and approved bible college before starting a church.

In the case of Odumeje, since he started as a pastor, I have never heard him even for once making a quotation from the bible. And for all the fake miracles he claims to do, he never gives the glory to Jesus Christ but to himself.

You need to see his bizarre healing method. He starts by asking the person silly questions like:

Do you know me?

Have you seen me before?

Have we spoken before?

Have you been to my church before?, etc

Yet each of those people had earlier come for counselling  before the service. The pastor pretends he has never seen them before or aware of their problems before now.

When the healing begins proper, see how he lifts sick and weak people up like a wrestler and hits them hard on the ground with all his strength, enough to eventually kill the sick person back in their home. And his so-called congregation are watching like morons and even applauding the son of a bitch inflicting pain and agony on people in the name of healing. Wonders shall never end.

This must now be allowed to go on, as if we are all hypnotized, including the Government and human rights agencies. How long shall we look the other way while fake pastors are causing havoc in their thousands everywhere in Igboland, more so in Anambra and Enugu States.

These are nothing but glorified native doctors and occult diviners now disguised as men of God. The comparison is striking.

Pastors perform home deliverance (Olu ezi n’uno)

Native doctors perform nkpocha na nzaja na ezi n’uno.

Pastors claim to see vision

Native doctors perform divination and fortune telling

Pastors do deliverance

Native doctors perform ‘ichu aju’

Pastors administer olive oils indiscriminately on their members

Native doctors administer various spiritual  concoctions on their clients

Pastors speak in tongues

Native doctors perform incantations

Pastors perform harvest and thanksgiving

Native doctors perform ‘inye agwu nni”, and many more.

So there is no difference between these fake pastors and native doctors. These fake pastors also engage in destruction of village shrines without realizing the implication of such provocative actions and underestimating the power of shrines over fake pastors that lack genuine powers from Jesus Christ.

Fake pastors who confront shrines are only bringing trouble for the communities concerned by way of the negative reaction by the shrine. That is why it is advisable for communities whose shrines were tampered with by fake pastors to seek immediate remedy from known true men of God to avoid unpleasant consequences..

Only genuine men of God have the power to confront shrines. Even Jesus Christ himself was confronted by Satan who had the gut to demand worship from Jesus. Just as the bible is full of stories of real encounters between Jesus and evil spirits. Besides, the bible does not tell us that Jesus Christ went about destroying shrines. Rather, he was mostly involved with casting and binding evil spirits.

I have been to hundreds of pastors for one reason or the other and I discovered that ninety in every hundred pastors in Igboland are fake and only very few are genuine and these genuine ones hardly publicize their miracles.

Among such real men of God is a pastor like Rev. Ugo Wems. There was this day a group of young men were practicing at the Nnamdi Azikiwe stadium, Enugu and one of them slumped and all efforts to revive him failed. A crowd had gathered around the scene when Pastor Ugo Wems who had a fellowship in the stadium that evening was attracted to the place.

On seeing what was happening, he forced his way to where the young man lay lifeless and stooped beside him and said some prayers and quoting bible passages. After a few minutes, to the astonishment of everybody, the young man coughed twice and dimly opened his eyes.

At that point, Ugo Wems instructed the medics who had rushed to the scene to take the young man to the hospital for further attention and slipped out of the crowd. I have never heard anyone speak about the miracle anywhere, not even members of Ugo Wems church.

This is how you know a true man of God, not pastors who go about beating people up or who spend all the hours of their church services releasing prophecies rather than teaching the people the word of God.

There is another pastor at Awka, Anambra State, who never talks about his miracles or televises them for public view because he gives the credit to Jesus Christ and not to himself. It is this kind of pastors that show the signs of true men of God. Not deceivers and jesters like Odumejeje. Can’t he be arrested?

Mazi Omife I. Omife

Mbuze Mbaukwu




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