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American Independent Party to nominate Trump as their presidential candidate, 2024 if his Republican Party ditches him.

The American Independent Party has revealed plans to nominate Donald Trump as their presidential candidate in 2024 if his Republican Party ditches him.




AIP chairman, Markham Robinson made this known during a recent chat with TMZ.




He told the publications that the party leaders are set on nominating Trump to head up their ticket for the next presidential race if he decides to have another go at it.




Mr. Markham also noted that the AIP leaders were more than enthusiastic at Trump's apparent desire to stay in politics, which he strongly hinted at during his CPAC speech this past weekend. (read previous post here)




According to him, Donald Trump is the perfect guy to lead their party, which is notoriously far-right and supports a limited role in government, tax cuts and are pro-life.




The American Independent Party's first presidential nominee was segregationist George Wallace. Another segregationist, Lester Maddox was also the party's standard-bearer in the '70s.



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