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Young Lady Runs Mad, Goes Unclad In Public


Residents of Owerri, the capital city of Imo state, were left shocked after a young lady reportedly ran mad and went totally unclad in public earlier today.

According to some witnesses who couldn't vividly give account of what happened to the 'troubled' lady, it was gathered that she started her displays of madness after she steeped out of a vehicle at a buss stop

A viral video posted online shows the moment the lady displayed some mental signs while totally unclad on the street as residents who tried to identify her claimed that her phone and bag were collected from her.

The footage was shared online in a bid to help locate her family/relatives or anyone who knows her.

I refused to share that newly mad girl video on my wall🥲how will u guys see a newly mad person on the street u have already concluded it’s Love of money??u only video her to share on social media..y not look for a psychiatrist hospital ? It’s still fresh & could be revived💁Depression,drugs etc could also cause one’s madness..what exactly happened to humanity if I may ask? We are here on this earth for all of us..help rather than been too judgmental.. This social media quick to video and post really need to stop honestly 😭


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