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Whiteman has never been honest of his true intentions. Says Paul Nwankwo


Oba Ovonramwen was never allowed to return to his kingdom of Benin, as pronounce by Consul-General Sir Ralph Denham moor.... He died while in exile in Calabar 

January 14th, 1914.... Two weeks after the birth of the President Nigeria....And Consul-General Ralph Moor committed suicide in 1902 in Barnes, London five years after his unjustifiable pronouncement on Oba Ovonramwen.... As direct fallout of the 1897 event the kingdom of Benin and it's bronze art works gained global recognition. The bronze art works of Benin carted away by British soldiers as "Spoils of war" Adorns Major Museums around the World Including the british museum the Benin bronze art works are still being produced at Igun and other parts of  Benin by skilled bronze casters. It is of global appeal. There has been calls for it's returns but..

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