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Linda Ikeji - net worth: $40 million


First on our list is Linda Ikeji. She's adjudged the most successful and among the popular bloggers in Nigeria. Her accomplishments have inspired many youths to delve into blogging over the past decade Linda's journey to blogging started back in 2006. It was something she was doing as a hobby. At that time, the internet hasn't gained more footing in Nigeria so she made use of the cyber cafe to publish her posts.


Her first blog lindaikeji.blogspot.com was hosted under Google's free platform blogspot.com. As the blog grew, Linda went on to acquire her own domain, the lindaikejiblog.com. From sharing her thoughts, Linda switched to publishing gossip news on her blog thereby attracting many readers. Her blog morphed into a money-making machine in 2010 when companies started approaching her to advertise their business on her blog.


With her blog earnings increasing, Linda ventured into more online networks. She set up Linda Ikeji TV where she airs various programmes like talk shows, reality shows, just to mention. In November 2016, Lindaikeji Music was launched but it became dormant within three months of its creation.


Linda’s next online project was Linda Ikeji Social, a non-profit organization aimed at assisting young women with great business ideas to tow the entrepreneurship path just like her.


Linda and her son,Jayce during his birthday celebration!


Linda is also an entrepreneur aside from her blogging career.


Linda's success and contribution in business and media have earned her some recognition within and outside Nigeria. In 2018, she was honored with an honourary doctorate degree from the Trinity International University of Ambassador, Georgia alongside other renowned personalities picked from different countries.


Presently Lindaikejiblog.com is the pioneer of entertainment blogging while ranking as the 37th most visited websites in Nigeria. With sources estimating Linda Ikeji's net worth to be $40 million, the 40-year-old blogger commands luxury.


Her Instagram page which showcases her properties, home and the exotic garage is a testament to the luxurious lifestyle she's living. Well, she earned it; she might as well enjoy the proceeds from her hard work.


Linda Ikeji cars

Having chronicled Linda Ikeji's blogging story, let's take a look at the cars she owns.


2020 Range Rover Autobiography worth ₦126 million

The successful blogger recently got this car to celebrate her 40th birthday on September 11, 2020. While sharing the news on Instagram, Linda counted herself lucky to be able to live the life she has always wanted.


Linda celebrated her 40th birthday by acquiring the 2020 Range Rover Autobiography!


Bentley Mulsanne worth ₦108 million

Linda added the Bentley Mulsanne to her growing garage in 2018. She bought the car to celebrate the birth of her son, Jayce.


Land Rover Autobiography worth 70 million


The Land Rover Autobiography was purchased by the blogger in 2016

his Land Rover Autobiography is worth ₦70 million!

Land Rover Sport worth 25 million


Linda definitely has a thing for the Land Rover brand as she wouldn't mind having another model of the car brand.

This car is believed to be the first luxury ride she bought when she started earning money from her blogging.


Linda's first luxury ride is this 2014 Range Rover Sport!

2011 Infinity Fx 35 worth 8 million

This masculine car was acquired in 2013.


Linda sitting on top of her Infinity!


Toyota Camry worth ₦2.5 million

The Toyota Camry was the first car Linda Ikeji bought. She bought it in 2008 for ₦700,000. Linda started out little and worked her way to be among the best bloggers in Nigeria.


With all these cars sitting in her garage,Linda will have a hard time choosing which car to go out with!


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