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I'm back but... Stress Kills!


The two brothers, who contested under different political parties, won their constituencies.


I've always known that clause; I have severally used the words too but I'm emphatically telling you today that Stress Kills.


Same way you gradually stop the engine, switch off lights, turn off radio, etc when parking a vehicle; my body system parked up without prior notice or better put, without my knowledge.


And in less than 30 minutes, an agile soul that just finished watching Liverpool's demolition of Ajax became a log on the bed begging for life.


My last post across Social Media platforms was "It's been long I fell ill; I'll surely come out healthier and stronger".


That post came, the morning following my "passing out" after diagnosis showed that it was a stress induced body shutdown and I knew it would be a long time away.


What happens to a parked vehicle, especially a wrongly, hurriedly or ill parked one?

Fever, loss of appetite and strength, acute headache, catarrh, amongst others all queued in to take a significant toll on the body they've missed for so long a time.


Fun and thirst totally gone except "Aju" and smell of drugs... Chei!


That Dike, the great Igwe Bu Ike you know became a new born in the hands of the pretty mother of my kids.


I became more proud of going through Seven Seas and Seven Forests to make her my wife; if not for the Sunshine in her being, my soul might have woken into the beyond, earlier than scheduled;


Calmly and very carefully, My Sunshine followed all the medical advice to navigate us out of a very huge puzzle caused by "ordinary" Stress.


So, here I am...


Giving Thanks to The Most High; sharing Testimony to help us all understand that Stress Kills; and saying Thank You to everyone that reached out especially my immediate family, colleagues and members of The Digi-Family!


The prayers in calls, text messages, chats, jokes and posts; replied and unreplied... Are well appreciated; I felt loved!


A very special mention to all the: Members of Awka Recreation Club; Members of Liverpool Fans in Anambra Group; and Members of The House... You proved your big heart!


The experience I had in the past 8 days is something you should avoid by being consciously aware that Coronavirus is Real and Stress Kills.


I advise you go get yourself insured, by ASHIA (Anambra State Health Insurance Agency), if you are in Anambra State for easy and very cheap access to medical treatment, anytime.


Most importantly, live and work with less stress and more fun... I have learnt my lessons and My Vacation loads, already!


I missed this space... And I'm back!!!


Engr Ifeanyi ANIAGOH (Digi-Priest)


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