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Anambra Roads and Obiano... Na wa ooo!

There are things that shouldn't be left unsaid no matter who gets bashed or feel attacked.

The day we were born is same day we qualify to die another day and same applies to whatever we do wherever we are, at any point in time.

So, I shelve all fears to delve into this matter and as usual I'll pour it out the way it is... If you doubt any part, present your thoughts, maturely!

With Mbadinuju as Governor, Anambra had the worst roads... From narrow pathways to gullies cutting off major roads!

It was a time of abundance but Mbadinuju's war with his godfathers stifled the flow of funds into the State coffers so he barely had enough to host his routine Monday Morning Prayers at the Main Market in Onitsha.

Then came Ngige era, a time ndi Anambra realized that a State Government can embark on major road projects.

Focusing in his hometown, Dr Chris Ngige arguably completed about 800km of road within his 3 years of abundance though with troubles from the godfathers.

Chief Peter Obi followed Ngige, he is not a road cesar like Ngige in the eyes of ndi Anambra but record has it that Obi completed over 800km of roads in his 8 years reign.

Obi also enjoyed the season of abundance with a very little godfathers' interference when compared to what Dr Ngige faced.

And now Gov Willie Obiano is here, he will be 7 years in March next year but he has completed 1000 km of roads amidst the scarcity of funds, raging recession and harsh inflation rates which is rendering savings worthless.

The progression from Mbadinuju through Ngige, Obi to Obiano holds a great future for ndi Anambra and highly commendable, as it where.

*Now note this...

Unlike other governors, Obiano had the burden or the challenge of:

1. Maintaining all the roads built before him by Ngige and Obi... He's doing that!

2. Continuing and Completing the N108bn worth of road projects he inherited from his predecessor... He's doing that!

3. Commencing and Completing the new 100+ kilometers of road built by his administration... He is doing that!

4. Developing and Constructing brand new roads into new layouts newly expanding due to influx of people into Anambra owing to the new security situation... He's doing that!

5. Intervening and Reconstructing failed portions of Federal roads within the State even when the FG is yet to fully pay over 48bn spent on Federal Projects... He's doing that!

And the load on the lean resources continues to pile up yet Anambra remains the State with the best road network in Nigeria.

This is aside the road infrastructure; traffic signs & lights, street lighting, bridges and flyovers, etc.

*So, if your road is presently in a bad shape... Check it out!*

It's an old road needing to be maintained... The Anambra Road Maintenance Agency will get there, as usual!

Or your road is one of the uncompleted roads inherited by this Government... Chill! Help is near because Gov Obiano has cleared over 50% of the 108bn liabilities he inherited on those roads!

Or your road is in a new layout that wasn't existing before now... Worry not, your time shall come!

Or your road is a Federal road needing attention... Like always, the Government will fix it, soonest!

One thing is certain; the next Governor and the person after him will keep working on roads;

Maintaining the roads they will meet, expanding some and creating new layouts for migrants and new settlements.

But before then, Gov Obiano has demonstrated his commitment to leave a legacy on road projects.

And with billions mapped for roads in next year's Budget, he will leave Anambra State with over 2,500 asphalted road network with all the desirable road infrastructure befitting the Light of the Nation!

Like Ngige Nwachukwu once said, this post is not intended "to join issues with half educated sidekicks prowling the social media space";

But clearly meant to set records straight and lucidly present the facts for clear thinkers to appreciate.

*Summarily, Anambra has the best road network in Nigeria because:*

Dr Chris Ngige is said to have built about 800km within 3 years... 

...Most of these roads are still there and failed portions are being maintained on daily basis by Gov Obiano.

Chief Peter Obi is also reported to have built over 800km in 8 years...

...though most of these roads failed; some of them were reconstructed by Gov Obiano and all being maintained on daily basis.

Chief Willie Obiano has built over 1000km in just 6 years...

...and provided road infrastructures on all the roads, lit them up and presently beautifying the roundabouts.

So, in Anambra, there are a few roads needing repairs and maintenance but you can drive for a steady 72 hours (3 days) and more, on different tarred roads without interference.

Na wa ooo ...it takes Common Sense to understand this!


*Engr Ifeanyi ANIAGOH (Digi-Priest)*


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