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War Between Nengi, Erica Taken To Next Level

Erica Ngozi Nlewedim and Rebecca Nengi Hampson knew each other before they got into the lockdown edition of the Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show. People had expected them to be best of friends in the house since they new each other from outside the house but they didn’t serve any friendship goals in the house. They actually acted like they never knew each other from outside the Big Brother House.


It seems like the mutual respect they have for each other have actually faded away. There is actually a cold war going on between the two beautiful ladies. They were friends on instagram even before they went for the Big Brother Show but they are no longer friends on instagram as they unfollow each other. The cold war between the two former beauty Queens didn’t just start recently. It all started in the Big Brother Naija House.


In first week of the Big Brother Naija Lockdown edition, the two beautiful ladies were not talking to each other in the house. It became clear that Erica was worried about the sudden way both of them weren’t talking despite knowing each other from the outside. So she approached Nengi and they talked about it. Nengi assured her that nothing was wrong between them and they made up and hugged. A lot of fans expected a close relationship between them from that day but it didn’t happen.


The only time they share a conversation onlys when they were doing task together. Many viewers opined that the reason why Erica and Nengi can never be friend is Kiddwaya. Kiddwaya at this time had a thing going on with Erica and Kiddwaya was kind of close to Nengi too. So instead of him being the bridge to these two beautiful ladies, he became the gap.


The two beautiful ladies didn’t get along in the Big Brother Naija House. The few times they had conversation, it was when Erica confronted her to know what she wants from Kiddwaya. Though none of the confrontations led to a fight or a quarrel between them in the house as they both respect each other, it actually look like it was part of the reason Erica went all out on Laycon on that faithful Saturday night after the party.


Outside the Big Brother Naija House, fans actually fuelled the existing tension between them. Fans of both sides have been attacking and accusing each other. The real fight was between the fans. They went as far as reporting accounts of the other Housemate. It got to a point Erica’s instagram was placed on shadow ban. Nengi’s Twitter was also suspended till she got it back after few days. These were the handiwork of fans.


The fight of their fans started right when they were still in the house. Erica’s fans known as Elites accused Nengi of wanting to take Kiddwaya away from Erica. They accused her of trying to seduce him. The Ninjas, the fans of Nengi replied with their own counter accusations. The fight has been on till date.


Outside the house, both Nengi and Erica maintained their no talking relationship. They were friends on instagram but none of the two would either comment or like the post of the other to stop the fight between their fans. Nengi had said in one of her interviews outside the house that she is not a close friend to Erica because they don’t vibe together.


The reason for the recent increase in the war between them is not made public. It’s only the fans that took it to the next level by fighting dirty on Twitter. The only thing the people involved could do was just to unfollow each other on instagram. The reason why they choose to unfollow each other on instagram is not made public. See their instagram page as they unfollow each other.


The two beautiful ladies would have been better if they were friends and support each other. Women need to carry each other along. Do you think these two beautiful ladies would ever be friends?




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