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Using Phones Near Gas Stoves Doesn't Cause Explosion

So many unproven reports surfing the internet, you may stumble on something unusual that catches your attention like a post that claims a woman received burn injuries after using her cell phone around a gas stove.

Many have wondered if these claims are true.

Are they?

The truth is, there has been no recorded fire incident that was caused by cellphones even when scientists conducted this experiment.

The Petroleum Equipment Institute, a leading institution for fluid and fuel in the US says: "So far, we have been unable to document any incidents that were sparked by a cellular telephone. In fact, many researchers have tried to ignite fuel vapours with a cell phone and failed."

One research team reached a conclusion that a good smart phone poses no danger of igniting gasoline, even when surrounded by its vapours with the optimum fuel-air mix for ignition.

What really happens is that using a phone in the kitchen can lead to distraction. You may be so absorbed with a chat that you forget the oil you're heating and it eventually catches fire!

Another thing that could possibly happen are gas leaks. Yes, gas leaks has been a popular cause of fire and explosions so far. And many people mistake this for a smartphone used near or around a gas cooker.

Again, the claim of smartphones causing explosion in the kitchen can be safely rendered as a myth as there are no scientific verification that supports this claim.

(Dez Mayorz Petrochemical Engineering briefing). 

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