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Yesterday, a bill to strengthen NCDC was nicodemusly brought to the house of Reps, the bill immediately scaled 1st & 2nd reading and was scaled for passage on the 3rd reading, but what was puzzling was that against the tradition of Bill reading and passage in the House, the 55 pages document of the bill was not given to the members of the house for them to go through and understand what were the contents of the Bill they were being rushed to pass.

Some woke members of the house raised alarm on this anomaly, poked further and learnt that there were many suspicious and controversial contents of this Bill, among them being that NCDC will now have unlimited powers to force every citizen of Nigeria to be vaccinated and be issued  vaccine certificate, failure to accept to be vaccinated and be certified (by any means they deem fit) you will not be allowed to  purchase air tickets, board flights or move about in public places.

These members of the House who raised the alarm pointed out that the contents of the bill are very suspicious and fitted perfectly into some conspiracy theories that are being peddled on social media locally and internationally on the intention of some suspicious global power interests to create vaccines, forcefully make people to accept these vaccines and go further to implement a means of identification by way of chips implant or any other means they deem fit to identify those that have taken the vaccines..

The House members wondered on why Nigeria should be at the forefront of enacting such a Bill at this time and even in a hurry to pass the  Bill which will support forced vaccination and certification to identify who has been vaccinated and who has not, even when no effective vaccine has been created.

The House turned rowdy amidst the concerns and complains of some members of the House which necessitated the suspension of the passage of the Bill pending further review of the Bill by members of the House.

This is the time to speak against the satanic bill introduced by the speaker house of Reps.

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