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1.No Matter how powerful and influential you are, you will die one day.

2.Wealth and power is good, but we should never allow it kill our conscience and the humanity in us.

3.You may have everything, but you can never own your own life.

4.Stop holding on the things of the world, power, position are all vanity upon vanity.

5.Remember the poor in the days of your riches, because they will surely be the ones to lay you in your grave.

6.If you live well, I mean if you really live a good life, nobody will ever wish you death.

7.One day is coming when all your qualifications, your connections, your influence and even your position won't save you.

8.Do you know me! Do you know me! Do you know me! Better shut up your mouth because you are nothing in the hands of God.

9.The powerful and influential Abba Kyari has been moved from Aso Rock and buried in a cemetery, and soon his family will leave the Villa too and nobody will have to see him before seeing Buhari. The lesson here is that power is transient, if it doesn't leave you, you will leave it one day.

10.Lastly, Covid-19 is real, just stay at home and stay safe.

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