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Panic In Warri As Nigerian Army Personnel Threaten To Rape, Infect Women With HIV After Death Of Colleague

In the 26-second long video, two unidentified soldiers could be seen swearing at the people of Warri and promising them a tormenting experience for daring to take the life of their colleague.

There is currently panic in some sections of Warri, Delta State, after some Nigerian Army personnel seen in a trending video threatened to rape and infect women with HIV in the city over the alleged killing of their colleague by residents.

In the 26-second long video, two unidentified soldiers could be seen swearing at the people of Warri and promising them a tormenting experience for daring to take the life of their colleague.

Speaking in disjointed Pidgin, one of the soldiers said, “Warri people, una don buy job o. Una kill soldier ba? Your mothers, I will make sure I f..k your mothers skin to skin without condom.

“I will make sure she carry HIV, your daughters will carry HIV, your wives will carry HIV.

"You get mind to kill soldier ba? Dan ubanku.”
Following the development, residents, mostly women, are said to be currently in panic especially after soldiers killed a young man named Joseph Pessu on Thursday in the area for driving on the road during a stay-at-home order given by the state government in a bid to curtail the spread of Coronavirus in the country.

Pessu’s killing led to protest by angry residents of Ugbuwangue, a suburb of Warri, who blocked major roads and burnt tyres to express their pain.
ut shortly after the incident, some soldiers claimed that the people killed one of their colleagues.

Reacting to the threat by the soldiers, a resident of Warri, Evelyn Uware, told SaharaReporters that she had concluded plans to move to another part of the city for safety reasons.

She said, “I have seen the video, many people have seen it too and we are not taking it like a joke.

“My women are already panicky, I am too, and that is why I am going to move to another area of Warri just to be safe.

“I will return to my house when the soldiers enforcing the stay-at-home order have been removed from the road.”

Another resident of the city, Efe Omokinovo, said that he and other young men around their community will meet to strategise on how to protect themselves and women.

He said, “The video is being talked about in Warri and causing panic. We cannot abandon our homes because of people who are supposed to be protecting us but now threatening us.

“Young men are discussing already, we will find every means to protect our community and women from rapists and murderers.”

Nigerian social media users have also been reacting to the threat by the soldiers.

On Facebook, one KO Kalu, said, “The level of unprofessionalism and indiscipline in the Nigerian Army is so absurd.

“Such abominable and unprintable words and serious threats to life coming from a soldier against the people he has sworn to protect.

“This video should be a serious embarrassment and shame to the Army Headquarters.”

On her part, Constance Omo, said, “This is getting serious, the soldiers in Warri need to be recalled and taken off the streets for now. I perceive war and more violence if nothing is done.”

A user with the name Kene Obiezu, while reacting to the threat by the soldiers, said, “Absolutely shocking.

“But let those who know them tell them that never again would we tolerate the level of impunity they treated the country with especially under different military regime and on some of their utterly shameful escapades since we returned to democracy.

“We remember Odi, Zaki Biam and Zaria and we will fight back.”

Adding his voice to the matter, Otevia Andy Godson, said, “He has HIV! Wow! If those in authority don't act fast, these guys will make good their threat.

“We respect our law enforcement officers only because of their guns and laws and not because they deserve it. This is a shame on the Nigerian Army.”

Several hours after the video started making the rounds on the Internet, Nigerian Army authorities are yet to react to the situation, further raising concerns among citizens.


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