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Nobody died in our hospital, we have been on break due to coronavirus – LekkiHill

The attention of the management of ValuedSeed, owner of LekkiHill Plastic Surgery Hospital, has been drawn to an online publication by a blogger where she made a ludicrous and totally false assertion about an unfortunate event that has no connection with our hospital or personnel.

We find the unending macabre fixation on LekkiHill by this blogger disturbing and a sharp contrast to every known ethics of the noble profession of journalism.

For the record, LekkiHill Plastic Surgery in line with international regulations and internal code of conduct, cancelled all scheduled surgeries a few days after the index case of the COVID-19 was recorded in Nigeria, long before the lockdown was initiated by the government. It is therefore ridiculous to claim that the Hospital recorded a casualty when no surgical procedure was performed.
It should also be on record that since its inception and having conducted thousands of surgical procedures, LekkiHill Hospital has not recorded a single casualty till date.

As an organization with a focus on easing the pains of the people and giving them hope, confidence and a new lease of life, we have often distanced ourselves from the shenanigans of rumour peddlers and fake news merchants who take pride in causing the exact pain we swore an oath to turn around to happiness.

But we will no longer be silent in the face of an obvious sinister plot to drag our salient strides in the mud.

LekkiHill Plastic Surgery as led by Dr. Femi Oladeji has proven beyond measures as a leading thoroughly breed professional Hospital that has provided world-class cosmetic surgeries to important personalities across the globe. People trust us with their lives and wellbeing and never have we failed.
We are passionate about the development of the medical profession in Nigeria and see ourselves as the progenitors of a truly professional cosmetic surgery in Africa and this is one of the reasons why we are creating the ValuedSeed Edu school to guide, teach and mentor Plastic Surgeons and those with interest in the medical profession but limited by finance, language or time barriers across Africa.

Our KindHeart Foundation has been at the forefront of providing free treatment facilities to cancer patients no matter their status or societal standing.

In our quest to also show that plastic surgery is not a luxury but a health remedy, in spite of the inconveniences, we have been offering humongous discounts every quarter to many on our social media platforms while still giving free procedures to the downtrodden and children with emergency needs.

All these to show that beyond the race to make returns, we are first and foremost, concerned about the wellbeing of the people.
To serve as a deterrent to others who may be inspired by the penchants of this blogger for fake news, our legal counsel has written to the blogger and we will follow through to the most logical conclusion.


Lekan Odunowo
Director, ValuedSeed


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