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When the Dead Bury the Dead

By Sam Otti

A warning bell sounded in Wuhan, China, that left the universe in health emergency. The world has been left at a tipping point, since the plaque of Corona Virus, code named COVID 19, stung the globe with its virulent poison.
 No fewer than 8000 people are dead from the deadly virus, and 181,500 infected globally. Despite frantic efforts to stop its spread, new cases of infection have continued to shock the world. Apart from declaring the virus a global epidemic, the World Health Organisation says the world now faces a ‘defining health crisis of our time’.

Look around the world, and you could see how Corona Virus has corroded the peace of nations, and left millions of people in self-quarantine.  Shops, schools and malls have been shut down in Spain. Busy streets of Italy, China, Germany, Hong Kong, etc have become desolate. Supermarkets have become empty, and many families may starve during this crisis. White House has warned Americans to avoid gathering of more than 10 people, while European Union countries also took a decisive step by announcing border closures.

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron said France was at war with the virus. In Colombia, land and sea borders remain closed indefinitely. Ghana also took a proactive step by shutting down some schools and warned against public gathering. Healthcare facilities in Italy have been strained to breaking point, while other advanced countries are worried that they cannot cope with the increasing number of infected patients.
In the most affected countries of the world, prayer meetings are being cancelled and holy sites shutting down. There have been travel bans and repeated messages encouraging social distancing.

Nations are trembling at the mention of this killer virus. But Nigeria is standing strong. Let he that is standing beware he does not fall. Different countries have imposed strict quarantine rules that kept many families isolated for weeks. Yet, the number of new infections continues to rise on daily basis.

International trade has nosedived, and economies of nations now beep in distress. President Trump says the US economy could be heading to a recession. Germany has raised its threat risk to high and warned that the deadly virus could last two years, with countries forced to keep restrictions on movement for the whole duration.
Italy has been on lockdown, yet reports of new infections continue to increase.

Africa, too, is in the eye of storm. Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Guinea have confirmed cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of African countries infected to 18. The state of healthcare facilities in African countries is a worrisome dimension to the pandemic. Should the scourge increase as recorded in advanced countries, songs of sorrow will resonate in our land.

The Corona Virus Disease outbreak is a strong message to the world. Days are coming when the arm of the flesh shall fail. Modern laboratories and renowned scientists will labour in vain. Advanced technology and nuclear innovations will crash. And most sought out hard currencies of the world will become like worthless papers.
Indeed, I share this sentiment that this deadly disease and other troubles befalling the world are telltale signs of distress foretold in the scripture.

In Coronavirus pandemic, we see strong nations descending to helpless state. The Imperial COVID-19 Response Team predicted that 260,000 people could die in the UK from the disease if the government fails to tighten the rules. British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, responded swiftly by asking people to stop socialising, work from home, and avoid travelling. Watching Italy’s spiralling death is a clear message to other countries that the worst is yet to come.

With all the scientific breakthroughs of the world, coupled with the cutting-edge technology in medical science, the world has been shut down by a pandemic. Who says the finger of God is not stronger than all the armoury of nations put together.  Could this be the birth-pang as contained in the Biblical narrative, a foretaste of the distress to come?

For those that understand the signs of the time, the world is dying daily. From the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and other killer diseases, afflictions are rising.  All over the world, structures are tumbling down that “not one stone will be left on another”.

 We no longer hear rumours of war. Rather, we live in wartime, where several nations are on battle lines, with frightening death tolls and casualties.
Terrorism has taken over our land and weapons of war are being exported to nations that once lived in peace. We have seen insurgents slaughter members of their own families, and watch our land plundered by godless men. In the midst of turmoil, we are seduced by the lullabies of false prophets, who milk the sheep and make millions from people’s misery. These are the gospel merchants selling Christ for a discount and promising peace to people buffeted by wars.

No one knows the time or the hour. But signs of time point to the fact that the Rider of the Heavenly White Horse is ready for the great harvest of souls. Don’t wait for the stars to fall from the sky. Now is the acceptable time to make true reparation for your sins. Now is the hour of salvation. When the door of mercy closes, hell will spill it's spleen.

If only the world would heed God’s message of 2Chronicles 7:14, “If my people that are called by my name will humble themselves, pray, seek my face and turn away from their wicked ways, then, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land.”  Where are the intercessors? Where are the saints to wail before the Lord?

Like the prodigal son, God is waiting with his outstretched arms to welcome us back. He is ever ready to show us mercy if only we would listen and sincerely return to him. Unless we return to the Lord, we may get to a point where the dead will bury the dead!

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