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Please Say Happy birthday to the Hard-working, resolute and amiable Model who just celebrated her birthday today.
While speaking, Annabel  commended her friends, her family, and other well wishers of her for partaking in the celebration, adding that without their wishes, her joy would not have been complete.
A lady with a good heart, too emotional, but not an easy going person. But very funny to be with

                                            HER PRAYERS
Happy birthday to me, I wish myself many more years
Long life and prosperity, I pray that all my dreams come true
I thank you Lord for everything for it can only be you and you alone,.may your name be glorified,ask for more celebration and blessings ijn Amen
Because today is a special day in my life I have chosen to use the avenue to rededicate my life to you use me and do whatever you wish. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

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