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Father Gets 40 Years Iterm For Raping Teenage Daughter

The Lagos State Special Court has sentenced Folorunsho Oluwaseun, a 51-year-old father, to 40 years in prison for repeatedly raping his teenage daughter.

The judgment was delivered on Wednesday by Justice S. Nwaka after a two-year trial.

During the trial, a medical expert, Elizabeth Olatunji, gave an expert witness on the perpetual sexual assault that lasted six years.

Olatunji, who also works at the Mirabel Centre where rape victims in the state are referred to, noted that the medical examination showed that the victim sustained an injury in her private parts, adding that the defendant also assaulted the victim’s sister.

She said, “The main finding was on the hymen. There was a transition on the hymen. The victim told me that she was angry. She said her father was not only sexually assaulting her; he was also assaulting her younger sister. She said her father began to sleep with her not long after her mother left them.

“The girl also said that when the matter persisted, she reported to her grandmother but the grandmother ignored her and only said that there was no cause for alarm as long as her father did not get them pregnant.”


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