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Covid-19 In Aso Rock: A Day Devil Drinks Poison By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

Our rulers think they can use power to intimidate the rest of us, because we are a powerless people. Coronavirus is looking for customers at all levels, and it is ready to go to the next level.

The cloud out there is still dark, the thunderstorm swirls with warning. A day the trumpet blows itself without a signal may just have come.

Just suddenly a day turns into a night. A scary moment of unrest, a tough time when the fear of unseen grips the earth.

The pandemic has shaken the world beyond the control of the world's most powerful leaders. A moment when death knocks on the door of the rich and powerful people; the poor are not left out. Neither can the rich people bribe him!

The Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Abba Kyari, has tested positive for Coronavirus. It is obvious that the virus has no regards for anybody in power, neither does it recognise senators or Rep members. His manifesto has no clause than preventive measures against its workforce.

Coronavirus has no limitations, neither does he know any lawyer or judge. He accommodates every individuals wholeheartedly without discrimination.

It is that which is left unattended to that the goat’s mouth can get. The Nigerian leaders swindle our resources without any left over for a trying time like this.

We are wrongly blessed with visionless leaders that have no empathy for the masses, only when they are affected. They make life difficult for vulnerable people, including those who strive hard to survive without help from anybody.

There was a time when Bala Muhammed siphoned N1.1bn as the Minister of FTC under the Former President, Goodluck Jonathan. At the time, he was blind to see the future of today  coming, but the law of karma has caught up with him. Take notice, however, that we are not celebrating his predicament.

Same masses the government denies quality education, good hospitals and road network. They impose taxation of all sorts on the people then embezzle the funds without planning for the future.

We live with bees who call themselves leaders. They deliberately impoverish people then keep a distance from them afterwards. Coronavirus has made people come to the knowledge that power belongs to the people not the selected individuals who see themselves as demigods.

The day the devil drank poison was the day Abba Kyari, Chief of Staff to the President, was tested positive for Coronavirus. If Abba Kyari had seen the future, maybe he could have used the N500 million alleged MTN bribe diligently to build a world-class isolation centre for emergency services like Coronavirus.

It is famine that makes one eat the fruit of a strange tree. Now that Abba Kyari has been tested positive, what will be the fate of the average Nigerians that are nobody? How will they survive Coronavirus?

We all know that the Buhari regime has no future plan for a time like this. The regime only do things the way they come without any proper planning or solution for  situations like this.

If Mosques, churches and other social gatherings have been locked up for some time due to the pandemic, what will be the fate of those who have no place to sleep? What will be the fate of Almajiris? What will be the fate of orphanage and less privileged people?

Soon, markets, banks and parks will be shutdown. Everywhere will be silent like an abandoned house. A moment when money has no value to travel abroad for VIP treatment.

If a dwarf doesn't act strange,  little kids will believe he's one of them. Those who plundered our resources and tested positive should be taken to the evil forest or Sambisa where they can reunite with Boko Haram and start a new life there.

Our rulers think they can use power to intimidate the rest of us, because we are a powerless people.  Coronavirus is looking for customers at all levels, and it is ready to go to the next level.

They should confront Coronavirus with the same might and brutality they use in oppressing people so as to end the disease once and for all.

Remember, a death that kills one friend sends a big signal to others.


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