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Children should include there mother's name before their father's - Actress Queen Anina

The Gospel/Nollywood Actress , Queen Edith Anidebe in her interview said children should be allowed to add  their mother's name before father's name

Nollywood actress Queen Anina has made her opinion on middle names, that children should be adding their mothers name on their middle name not only the father's should me in come as surname.

Read her write up

What am saying is that children should include there mother's name before their  father's,cause most times some  women give there husband another man's child to father making him believe he's there true father,now spiritually if you hat man is praying for those kids it wouldn't have any effect cause they are not his,a man inherite a woman by bride price so if the mother's name is before the father's it would be that cause of the bride price on her head he owns the children

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