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13 friends infected with coronavirus after sharing Cigarettes

A spike of 13 new coronavirus cases in Thailand has been traced to a group of friends who shared cigarettes and whiskey while partying during a night out.

 Dr. Sukhum Kanchanapimai, the health ministry's permanent secretary, said that the new cases were caused by party-goers who became infected while enjoying Bangkok's nightlife.

 He told reporters: 'There was inappropriate behaviour, sharing drinks, cigarettes and not avoiding social activities after returning from an at-risk country. Don't share cigarettes and drinks.'

 According to a report by Thai PBS World, the group repeatedly met to socialise in Bangkok on February 21, 27 and 29.

 Dr Sukhum Kanchanapimai told the publication that the friends had been 'drinking from the same glass of whiskey and smoking the same cigarette in an enclosed air-conditioned room for a long time'.

 As of today, Thailand raised its official coronavirus count by five cases, bringing the total to 75 with one death. Thirty-five people have recovered and been discharged from the hospita

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