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Change your way now you still have time, Group Tells Buhari

Voice of Reason, a group of Yoruba professionals, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to turn a new leaf from his current anti-democracy dispositions.

Chairman of the group,  Olufemi Adegoke, said this during a press briefing on Thursday.

He also condemned the President on the handling of Omoyele Sowore’s case, advising Buhari to take his government back from “many unelected characters currently ruling the country by proxy”.

He said, “As keen observers of the goings-on in the polity, we state without any equivocation that the President needs to act urgently not only to restore his integrity and align his lofty rhetoric with his actions but to regenerate in Nigerians faith that it is possible to have leaders that can serve all without discrimination.

“The “born again democrat” garb lent to the President on the eve of 2015 election needs a lot of stitches to hang well on the wearer.

"Democracy does not end with multi-party elections. It includes fairness, transparency and integrity of the electoral process; absolute respect for the rule of law; protection of the independence of the institutions of democracy (parliament and the judiciary).

“We urge the President to borrow a leaf from General Gowon and do that which will strengthen the unity of Nigeria by leading the fight to restructure Nigeria, renew citizens’ commitment to Nigeria, galvanise everybody’s energy to build a nation where no one is oppressed, show by example the need to reduce cost of governance, restore the rule of law, rededicate himself to defending democracy, protect all citizens’ human rights and deepen the fight against corruption.

“President Buhari needs deep reflection and his genuine friends need to help him focus on leaving an enviable legacy.

"It is not too late. He has three years to go. We pray for the sake of Nigeria and his place in history he takes our admonition in good faith and acts.”


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