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Actors are poor in Nigeria- Ifeanyi Azodo Nollywood director

Ifeanyi Azodo  is a well know movie director, prolific writer and erudite actor hails from Abagana, Njikoka Local government area in Anambra state. In this interview with Paul Nwankwo, he shades light to certain things and actions people attribute to Nollywood actors, among other issues.

Can you give me good reasons why most Nollywood actor hardly get married.?

Ifeanyi Azodo
I beg to disagree with you on this, hardly has there been any Nollywood guy of marry able age without being married. I also want to point out one thing, marriage is not by age but by choice, so some marry young while some marry old.

What about this rumor that director can't help ladies that come their way without sleeping with them?

Ifeanyi Azodo
It is in the person, that okeke as a director demanded sex from somebody before a favor is extended doesn't mean that Okafor would do the same thing.
If that okeke was a pastor or Rev father, he would do the same thing.
I want to make a categorical statement, people perceive us as morally bankrupt set of people, but it's erroneous, you can check with customs and ascertain the number of condoms that enter the shores of this country, is it only movie practitioners that use it, of cos we all know the answer, we have so many professional bodies and we know how the operate.
Nollywood is like a mirror so everybody sees it and defines/ describes it as he/she wishes.

And why some actors hardly treat themselves when they are sick. Outsiders will be the one to provide money for the treatment?

Ifeanyi Azodo
Actors are poor in Nigeria because of the way government treat them. If we had government participation in the industry, every practitioner will be comfortable and they would have taken health insurance policy that will take care of their health at any point in time.
If you don't have enough to feed obviously you can't save.

And most of them are too proud and arrogant?

Ifeanyi Azodo
Any actor that is pompous is making a very big mistake because without the crowd you are nobody.
You must be very close to your fans and be nice to them.
He added
I still remain Ifeanyi Azodo, Movie Director, prolific writer and erudite actor married with Children.


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