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This is EKENE IWUOHA, he is the person you can see inside the burning house, throwing goods out from the windows with smoke πŸ’¨ and fire πŸ”₯ razing down the building.
That is Onitsha in Anambra state and that was during the Onitsha Fire

He was the same person who rushed in to rescue the woman that was burnt to death with her child
According to him, before he could reach the woman πŸ‘© after he heard her cry 😭 it was already too late. That was why in the picture, the woman’s leg was not burnt. He did it alone, but it was unfortunate they didn’t make it.
He single handedly rescued goods worth hundreds of millions of Naira. He went into shops 🏬 and was throwing people’s goods out from the top floors, while fire πŸ”₯ raze down the buildings. He rescued some people that were trapped in their shops 🏬
According to eye witnesses, they latter thought he was dead, but he appeared from the flames πŸ”₯ minutes after, with safes of people with millions in their shops.
You see, non of you will tag him “MY ROLE MODEL”
Non of you will be his FAN
Non of you will share his story, because he did not go to sit in one room for 90 days for free 60 million
Because he did not produce any hit track and start lying on social media, that he has 100 billion in his account or that he is richer than King Solomon.

Non of you will share his story or use his picture as DP or in your social media story, all because he’s not wearing fake Gucci or Prada and be snapping with borrowed 2020 cars or naked girls.

Federal government will not honor him and no state governor will invite him, all because he did not appear in any reality TV, forgetting he did the real REALITY OF LIFE HERO job here.
If he is a white man, you would have seen all Nigerian girls turn themselves to his internet CRUSH!!

God Bless Ekene, the Hero Of Onitsha Fire

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