A Nigerian doctor based in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Dr Hamzat Fashola has been fingered in the killing of a patient under his care.

It happened that Dr. Fashola had been attending to a particular sick patient for over a week. 

Dr Fashola is a graduate of one of the first generation universities in Nigeria and was the best graduating student in his set.

He is into private practice and is renowned for hard work and success in his work. He however had a 16 week-old patient who is said to be having a nasal discharge and passing a reddish stool for some days. He had given several medications but with no response. 

Out of annoyance he took the life of the patient this morning. Everybody was surprised at his action. However, a reliable source revealed it to the press that the doctor's action was due to some "PRESSURE". 

Dr Fashola is a Veterinary Doctor and his patient was a 16 weeks old Broiler who was not responding to treatment. So he slaughtered the chicken and used it to make pepper soup for the weekend.