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Please Say Happy birthday to the Hard-working, resolute and amiable Model and  Also a student of Science lab Nancy Nasa has celebrated her birthday today. While speaking, Nancy commended her fans, her family, and other well wishers of her for partaking in the celebration, adding that without their being present at the event, her joy would not have been complete.
She is  Nancy Nasa from Enugu state, She is a medical student at Ebonyi state university and also she  is into tv reality show project raw Nigeria
A lady with a good heart, too emotional, easy going person and very funny to be with Very fun to be with, a beautiful lady with a good heart.

                                            HER PRAYERS

Lord thank you for all you have done in my life. I appreciate your caring and the joy you brought into my life. I ask you Lord to continue to bless me. If not you, no one else!
Indeed God has been so faithful in my life, he takes me one step at a time, he surprises me with a lot of goodies I don't think I deserve, he takes me to places no man can ever imagine I will get to, he gives me special attention that confuses people which lead to them asking so many questions one of my crazy friend got to extent of saying that God is partial to have been giving me much preferential treatment guess what I do when I receive such comments only laugh as usual and say God have not even started with me yet, eyes has not seen ears has not heard............what he has in stock for me

Because today is a special day in my life I have chosen to use the avenue to rededicate my life to you use me and do whatever you wish. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

                               FROM PAUL NWANKWO

You are a whole lot of work and currently one of the most annoying people I have which makes you part of my family. The world is not ready for you. But am ready for you. In you I found a friend to cry with and laugh with, In you I found home.
May negatively run away from you. Your future is brighter than the sun. Like I always say Nancy Nasa, your happy smile is amazing.
Fine ANGEL physically and at heart, thanks for dealing with all my bullshit and trouble. I can never ask for a better friend. I have the QUEEN of the best.

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