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South Africa Must not go Free this Time - James Eze

James Eze  joined other Nigerians to react to the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa 

Here is what he wrote on his facebook page

I am not one of the many aggrieved Nigerians advocating a reprisal against South Africa for being such an ass and treating fellow blacks worse than their Apartheid masters treated them. No. We have to apply a little rigour to this matter. South Africa has shown an utter lack of shame in letting xenophobia become its identity. So, the rest of Africa must show a little more seriousness in handling South Africa now.

Waves after waves of xenophobic attacks on black immigrants must come to a halt this time. If the African Union is worth anything at all, if it ever had any real weight in and outside Africa, this might be it's finest hour to show it. The African Union should commence the process of expelling South Africa with immediate effect. There's sincerely no higher ideal, no nobler objective of the AU than the preservation of the sanctity of human lives. The barbaric violation and degradation of human life which blood-sucking South Africans displayed by setting their victims ablaze alive calls for a decisive action by the African Union. Not even the Trans Atlantic slave trade compares to the ordeal of setting a human being ablaze and gleefully watch them melt to death. This virulent streak of primitive cruelty ought to keep the African Union on its toes. It should impel the AU to crack down on South Africa. All members of the African Union should isolate South Africa. After all, if it took the collective persistence of most of these AU members to free black South Africans from the stifling grip of Apartheid, it must take their collective anger to shove South Africa out of the noxious path it has chosen for itself.

Again, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) should consider the possibility of throwing South Africa out of all its competitions. For years, South Africans have always looked down on other Africans because of their country's economic superiority on the continent. Sadly, they had no idea that while their economy has grown impressively through the years, the South African has regressed into the stone age. Their sense of entitlement belongs to another age while their intolerance of otherness is beyond contemplation. So, since black South Africans feel superior to black people from other African countries, CAF should cast the country out of all its competitions. They may join UEFA if they like and leave Africa for authentic Africans who are content with the afflictions that come with being African.

South Africa will also hurt if other Africans decide not to visit South Africa for any reason whatsoever. A complete isolation of the country by other Africans will wake South Africa to the fact that no country is so big that it has no need for other countries.

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