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Types Of SCAMS In The World

Carefuller with the things you agree in life.

1. Send me your CV - Scam
2. We'll get back to you. - Scam
3. I love you more than i love my wife - scam
4. Police is your Friend - Scam
5 The youths are the future leaders - Scam
6. MTN 1month Data - Scam
7. I can't live without you - Scam
8. Your vote counts - Scam
9. Send me Money to visit you - Scam
10. It’s in the pipeline - scam
11. MTN one month Mashup - scam
12. Airtel X bundle - scam
13. Super Eagles - scam
14.Did you cum in me - Scam
15. My period didn’t come - scam
16. I'll just touch, l won't enter you - Scam
17. I don't have a boyfriend - scam
18.I will pay back next week I promise - scam
19. He/she is ma cousin..")baba nla" - Scam
20. I left my wallet in my car. - Scam
21. I have a girlfriend but it's complicated-double Scam
22. Don't come this weekend, mum is around - Scam
23. Am on my period - scam
24. Can you please get me some food when you are coming to my house? I'll give you back - Scammers village
25. Walking out to receive a phone call when the bill comes in - Babanla scam
26. Go home, I will send you money - scam
27. This is not a scam - scam
28. I was asleep - SCAM
29. My grades were good I just chose not to further - Scam
30. Our school is the best - scam
31. Oh I'm just going to copy series - scam
32. Come over I want to show you something - scam
33. Oh he’s just a childhood friend - scam
34. My rent is expired - scam
35. I have been mentoring these girls - scam
36. Sister in christ - scam
37. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me - scam
38. Oh she be my Rotary Club padi - scam
40. My ATM card is missing - scam
41. I'm with da boys - scam
42. I promise i wont tell anyone - Scam
43. I saw you in my dreams giving u flowers - Scam for marriage.
44. Baby, I'll be home in a few minutes - scam
45. She is my daughter in the lord - scam
46. I dont know who invited her to the party - scam
47. She is just my bestie - chief scam
48. A:Lets do a video call
B: Sorry my network is bad, my battery is low, my room is dark - scam scam scam
49. Your Dick is Big ooo
- Big Scam
50. I like Bald headed men - shiny scam
51. Short men are sexy - scam
52. Your mother is a witch. She is the cause of your woes - scam
53. I met her there alone - scam
54. Baby, you are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen - Real Scam
56. If you send a gal porn..."Please I don't like such things" - scam
57. Why didn’t I meet you before marrying my wife - Scammest scam
58. Babe I have half of my registration fees, can you assist me with the balance? deadline is tomorrow - scam
59. No one has ever made me feel this way - Scam
60. Where have you been all my life - scam
61. You can trust me - Scam
62. All Scam na- scam

From Paul Nwankwo

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