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                                           Busola Dakolo V. Biodun Fatoyinbo

 This is a 17year old girl of the days there was no mobile phone for all and krest was still in existence.
As of then most parents were myopic in reasoning, don't be surprised that if she had told them, they might not have believed her.

Even your sister of 17years can't open her mouth to say she was raped by your friend in your own house.

Rape has a way of shutting mouths, you can't even speak out even to your best friend, it victimises you for as long as you keep it a secret, but yet you can't spill it out because of a whole lot of reasons best known to the victim, that is rape for you.

At 17, she was still young, confused and naïve. She can't even shout, cos of the invisible veil rape comes with. Even if she wants to speak, she won't be able to. If she says she won't go to Church, her mum will suspect and start questioning her. You don't know what she was threatened with. It takes more than the grace of God for a girl who was raped to speak out.

And to think that she is now a married woman, even her husband might have gone through a lot trying to deal with the psychological effect of the rape he might not have known of.

But yet, she still boldly decided to speak up, inasmuch as all she knows she'll face just because she is a rape victim. She stands a lot to loose, but that not withstanding, she finally spoke out to save herself and a lot of other girls from falling prey.

Only seeing the pastor everyday in the internet and knowing that it was this man who not just disvirgined you, but raped you is enough to traumatize you into insanity.

For her to be bold enough to still speak out now, the only thing you have to do for her is encourage her, she needs your support. I can tell you that this step she took is never an easy one.
Rape is something nobody can never understand except the victim.
Just pray that no girl you know becomes a rape victim.

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Nice piece, but then how do you know he actually raped her, and if PST. Biodun wasn't a celebrity pastor would she have taking the pains to drag his name to the mud

Godwin Chukwuma Ekedum

Godwin Chukwuma Ekedum Your opinion don't really matter. But thanks for sharing.

Amara Rosemary

Amara Rosemary Nonye my dear, did u dig deep into the matter b4 writing this....
Don't just write things based on trending issues

Chiamaka Jenny Ohazulike

Chiamaka Jenny Ohazulike The matter is a delicate one and I still say, it should be handled carefully. People have lied about getting raped.
Like someone said, how do we know it wasn't a consensual sex gone wrong and people who willingly slept with the pastor will now claim r…See More

Tochukwu Kelvin Okafor

Tochukwu Kelvin Okafor I am just commenting because many fine girls here have sense and have spoken with there heads. Her husband was blown my this pastor in question the, he wedded them sent them abroad for there honeymoon she didn't say anything since until now . I belive …See More

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