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To those of you who bought the propagandist fairy tales of corruption spewed by the living Legends of corruption, read this...

What's this about?

The Governor of Imo state? Well, he's started surely but slowly. I hope that he begins to implement all his plans that I've been hearing about very soon.

This post is about the owner of Air Peace.

You see, APC gang of corruption have spread exaggerated tales of corrupt practices about the previous administration of GEJ.

When they couldn't get anything on Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, they told us that he looted funds in the name of his wife, and that his wife used the funds to establish Air Peace.

They also said that the Man was under control of his Wife.

Of course, smart people like me don't believe such nonsense - and I didn't.

Then I decided to find out who truly owned Air Peace.

Somehow, I came across a newspaper article that told the story of a man who help facilitate the Amnesty deal between the Yar'Adua administration and the Niger Delta people.

This same man owned an airline company named "Air Peace." It's a business he had been planning since the Obasanjo administration.

Later on, this man came on the news for credits of his company going to a woman he doesn't know (Patience Jonathan) and one Hausa guy - I think Sanusi Lamido... the heat of the propaganda was too much.

He came on the news again during the airline saga that rocked the global airline industry for his very smart decision (Google this one).

This man's name is Allen Onyeama. He is the founder of Air Peace, and many other businesses that have the word, "peace" attached to their names.

He brokered peace between IPOB and Arewa youths before the FG assaulted the south east in the name of Python dance.

IPOB was represented by Nnamdi Kanu's brother in the meeting - and they were getting along fine by the 3rd day of the meeting.

In fact, they were in that meeting - happy and loving one another as brothers - when the attacks started.

Allen Onyeama is a man of peace. That's why the word appears in all his businesses.

He recently lost his Father.

Governor Emeka Ihedioha was there to condole with him and his family.

Let's wish him well and stop the stupid rumours and propaganda.

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