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President of Global Youths Representatives Condemns Attack On Ekweremadu By Izunna Okafor

The National President of the United Youth Leaders for Development Initiative, popularly known as Global Youth Representatives, Amb. Victor Okwudili has frowned at the recent attack on Senator Ike Ekweremadu by suspected members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Nurnberg Germany.

In a press statement recently issued in Abuja, Amb. Okwudili totally condemned the action of the group against Ekweremadu, the man who he said has been on the forefront of the struggle against the marginalization of Ndi-Igbo in Nigerian.

The President who is also the founder of the organization said he was amazed by the actions of these individuals, stating that there were other better ways of registering their greviances than hauling such physically attack on their own brother.
He said that the shading of  innocent blood going on in the country was a national matter which every tribe and part has experience and something that every leader in this country be it  political, economic, religious or community should focus on and fight to overcome, maintaining that injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

 He said "though we all know that our leaders in various fields of leadership have not done enough, but we can only overcome when we use the right channels to build our collapsing country, because no one would fix Nigeria if not Nigerians themselves"

Futher speaking, Amb. Okwudili disclosed that those who carried out the attack on the former deputy Senate President under the guise of  IPoB did so out of ignorance and misguided mindset, advising that the they should re-direct their anger in a positive direction to better their homeland, rather than contributing to its problem through this divisive manner, as, according to him, elders and leaders should be honoured and respected for them to feel more encouraged to carry out their duties to their subjects.

In his words, "Senator Ike Ekweremmadu unarguably made many leviathan efforts as the leader of Southeast Senate caucus in the 8th Senate to secure the release of Nnamdi Kanu, the self aclaimed leader of the group, from detention"

He argued that the former Abia State Governor showed a good leadership example by traveling Nurnberg in Germany just to attend the second annual festival and covention organized by Ndi-Igbo resident there.

"Anyone who supports attack in our leaders on foreign land is doing more harm than good to us all because when we publicly disgrace and disrespect our leaders in the presence of outsiders, we shouldn't expect outsiders to respect or honour us as a people. When our leaders are not honoured and respected by outsiders who see them as our representatives, then we as a people can not be seen or placed any higher than our leaders we regard as rags. So we should desist from such condemnable action. A word is enough for the wise" he added.

The Youth Icon further pleaded with Sen. Ekweremadu to forgive the actions of these attackers and implored him to see it as part of the sacrifices in leadership, even as he encouraged him not to relent in his good efforts in speaking and fighting for the betterment Nigeria and Ndi-Igbo both within and outside the country.

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