Onyi Odimegwu, is not only an actress she is also an importer, on duvet, bedsheets a film maker, and also an ambassador on longrich firm.
   She is a woman that loves to live on her pride, a very strong lady who never gives her enemies a space to hut her, I remembered the scandal she pass true last year from the enemies, the way they tried to tarnish her image but she over powered them. This
lady is really working had because she want to live the life of a philanthropist.

She is a strength to some one out there, a motivator  to some body a mentor to someone. We love her.

There is something quite special about her she which you need to know soon. a lady with a good heart. Very fair. From the Grand Royal Cornwall Show to the little town events, she always have something to offer for a family day out. Or to her friends. Congratulations Onyiyechukwu Odimegwu.