He is at once real and shadowy.  He wears an identity as he would a mask.

Ever ready to deny the Obiano government of its achievements, he alludes to the obvious ones as effort of a bequeathed fund.

But when reminded of improved security since Obiano, he argues that kidnap was no longer in vogue by 2014.

When confronted with evidence of its menace in other places, he changes the narrative and tells you that Obiano is taking credit for a finished job. 

When shown evidence of transformation going on in Awka capital city- the new flyovers and the flood light- he calls them obstructions on highway.

When reminded of his doubts over the completion of the flyovers, he says it became possible because the contract sum was mindlessly varied. 

When an inherited project is completed,  he tells you it has been fully paid for before Obiano came. Where otherwise he goes to town with camera.

When he hears that new roads are commissioned, he swears they are all in Aguleri. When contradicted with evidence,   he claims they were of lower quality or they had been paid for by the previous administration

When he drives along the well-lit streets of Anambra in the night rather than commendation, he queries the economy of the service.

When roads and the State Secretariat are maintained, he shouts that the government has spent six years doing only maintenance.

When students and teachers in the state win laurels after laurels, he says the glory should go to previous government.

When there is a drop in performance, he accuses the government of presiding over the liquidation of sound education policy in the state.

When government decided to take development home to all the communities in the state through community-choose-a project initiative, he calls it jamboree. 

When government decided against the sack of thousands of workers employed at the twilight of the previous government, he says their salaries were already kept by that government.

When the clarion call for investment was answered by many investors from the state, he accuses some of the investors of being fronts for the governor. 

His cynicism is unmatched and he believes he has answers to all the problems of the state. He wants the governor to handle government matters in certain way failing which he attacks it like a surly mastiff.

Perhaps the time is now to ignore his defamatory comments. The time is now to deal him the reject button.

Ejike Anyaduba