There was a united outcry against RUGA; and it was suspended. So, who says the people cannot unite for a cause?

Now, let's take this united action to the next level, to achieve a bigger success.

The date is *JULY 21
From this day, all lovers of life; all who are worried about the killings of innocent Nigerians by the heartless Fulani herdsmen, will team up to embark on the project to break the backbone of these arrogant people who have more regard for their cows than human lives.

We will cripple their cow business and prove to them that humans own the land, not cows.

All forms of cow meat will be boycotted:
ponmo or cowskin, etc.

Please, for ourselves and our generations unborn, consider this action a national call and a service to humanity.

Consider it a civic responsibility sharing this as widely as possible, for maximum participation and impact.

Thank you

Ama Josephson