Is it not too late for other Nigerians to free our ourselves from fulanis? I think that present scampering here and there is medicine after dead. I said in 2015 when majority of Nigerian elites were rooting for Buhari that the battle between Lucifer and Nigerians is over and Lucifer won. Many did not understand me then.

       By  Val Iwuchukwu

Take a close look at Mohammadu Buhari, is it his thinly stocking legs, or cold brutal lack of love in his eyes, one will conclude  that everything about him is incompatible with genuine human being.

 There is ancient belief among Fulanis that Nigeria is their God given territory where they will overrun, plunder, rule and take dominion. Many are gradually coming to terms with that belief otherwise they Fulanis this time using herdsmen  wouldn't have been getting away with several abomination they have been committing against Nigeria and its people.

They have peculiar characteristics and one of them is that no matter how hard you try to please them, your friendship, your love must be repulsed with senseless hate and enmity. They will only spare you temporarily if your existence serve their purpose. Give them everything you have, integrate them into your clan at your own peril because no amount of blood can quench their blood thirsty glutony. History is replete with their wickedness and lack of value for human life.

There is no stopping them and it is too late because we have a President that is first and foremost a Fulani President, who believed that he is specially called by God to establish Fulani kingdom where others will have no say, no stake and of no value.

 The Yoruba people of Western Nigeria with whatever civilization they now lay claim will be worst hit because they have the reputation of being a very tolerant and accommodating tribe. They are too tolerant to naivety. Majority of them can persevere and submit wilfully as long as these onslaught are coming from their Moslem brothers. They are contented with the devil they know. The devil that will inevitably and malignantly eat everything up to extinction.

The southern minorities especially in the east will be a ready tool for Fulani irredentist as long as they are given sense of belonging in Fulani paradise and in the process like a shaft in the wind they will be blown away.

It is the same with Igbo people because they now offer little hope for Nigeria. The resentment and lack of trust by other nationalities is evident (though there are a minority few that bear sparks of light among them) Not that they are better than their western Nigeria counterpart, in fact they would have been worse if not for their republican nature and that inner urge to be independent and free from any external control. But this fighting spirit in them, I mean the natural drive that resent slavery, that Divine gift of freewill are being destroyed by Christianity, not Christianity as a religion but in the sense it is practiced. It has encouraged spiritual indolence and faith without work. The cult hero they built around some Christian leaders makes it difficult for them to see beyond their nose. Instead of securing their land with modern weaponry, they engage in monotonous chanting of paternoster or in the senseless and thoughtless repetition of incomprehensible words in form of prayers. Fire! fire!! fire!!! never again! never again!!, enough of this oppression Lord etc as if God will come down and spoon feed them. Like the foolish virgins they will not know when the suitor will come. They don't even have voters' card, even those that have, do not secure their land by voting wisely. They sold their votes. As I am referring to Igbo people, I am equally referring to myself.

We have seen Catholic Priests point to Buhari as having divine mandate. Those that challenged those misguided Priests were accused of speaking ill of anointed men of God. To those Priest, it is now late for them to eat their words.

One major mistake most Nigerians are doing is that they think that Buhari probably due to too little education that he is not smart or that some cabal are running the government for him. He knows what he is doing, a typical 13th century Fulani warrior that obeys no rule. Though he had health challenges though very unhappy and bitter, but strong enough to do things his own way. He is unrelenting and perilous, he can withdraw and re strategize. For those jubilating that he has dropped RUGA plan, we may not know what hit us when he comes back with a different strategy.

Happy enough, there are some persons from across religious and tribal divide whose indestructible inner security of their personalities have been restored. To all such, they can say enough is enough to all these shenanigans. PMB is merely doing his things, He believes himself to be doing the right thing and no one can harm him as longer as his conscience permits him.  He needs to be taught a lesson in one way or the other because, a religious fanatic and irresponsible enthusiast doesn't know what he or she is doing. Like the Pharisees and the anti Christ, he believes himself to be on the right track.