Government is a continum and leaders are elected to profer solution to issues and not to complain more than the citizens.

Emeka Ihedioha should continue from where
Owelle Rochas Okorocha stopped and not complaining, solution is now the benchmark, not complaint.

For over 30 days Rt.Hon.Emeka Ihedioha assumed office as the Executive Governor of Imo State,what we have seen is a man who spends everyday complaining and blaming the past administration.

@OPUTA Court Complex

We were suprised to hear his speech of blame and condemnations when he visited the Oputa Court complex, one of the best in Africa with modern Facilities. Instead of Commending the Past Government for putting up such a signature project, he ended up looking for how to taint the image of the project because of Political Vendetta.

@ State Secretariat, Owerri

It was also learnt that the Govenor who has paid a visit to the place left the Civil Servants totally disappointed and aggrieved. This is because while addressing them, it was only Okorocha this, Okorocha that. There was no mention of key needs and welfare of the Civil Servants. There was no mention of policy direction or statement that should motivate the Civil Servants and get them encouraged for better results.Even issue of his campaign promises on  the Salalry, he smartly (using Mbaise brain ) to chamfer it, avoiding making statement of commitment.This completely got the Civil Servants demoralized for good.

@ Ideato Erosion Site

It's believed that the so called Visit was also to spite at the former Govenor who hails from Orlu Zone. He forgot that Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha has already apologized to the people of Orlu Zone for not paying much attention that need paid to Owerri Zone during his administration but moral demands that since Owelle paid much attention to Owerri Zone which is the zone of Emeka Ihedioha without playing cosmetic politics or show man politics with it, Ihedioha should like wise pay similar Attention to Orlu Zone and not show Man politics. We are not in era of campaign.

And many other examples...

Our dear State of Imo is deeply loosing both  quality time, Attention and resources as this blame game from the present administration continues. It's only a prove or excuse to hide the Cluelessness and inactivity of the present Government.

The best blame game in life is to work and deliver more results in quality and quantity better than a predecessor at a competitive time.

Just like a nagging wife in labour , Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha led administration has continously blamed the past administration even for their misfortune.

We all know that the shoe left by the Okorocha led administration is too big for the Rebuild IMO Government and has left him confused which has resulted to the daily nagging.

Gov. Ihedioha should face Governance and start solving the problems facing the state.
If there were not issues,there wouldn't have been need for the office of the governor in the state.

The Government that could be short-lived owing to legal realities, who has on daily basis named one Committee or the other in the bid of setting up his covert campaign team for the inevitable rerun coming up soon in the state should shy away from making so much noise and making promises as to say he is still Campaigning and start from somewhere as there are lots of issues in the state that needs urgent attention including some of the rescue mission projects the then governor was unable to finish.

It is time Chief Ihedioha gets to work. When Buhari took over and started the blame game, PDP members and  loyalists asked him to stop the blame game and start work.

Owelle Rochas Okorocha left reasonable money in the coffers,  billions of Naira for successor Government,  use it to fix IMO state and stop the blame game.