Any man that is educated in head and not in heart is half educated and this makes a man dangerous and menace to society.

A man is truly educated if he is also essentially educated in heart

NNAMDI OKAFOR is an example of a truly educated man whose heart is also educated.

Let's move Anambra to the next level by involving the best for the best has no alternative.

The opportunity to make the best speaker of the seventh assembly is here, HON. PHARM. NNAMDI OKAFOR is the one.

Anambra needs a MAN whose courage has gone beyond intimidation and who is willing and able to move Anambra to the next level.

Hon. NNAMDI OKAFOR has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is
willing and capable to do the work.

Let's make Anambra a better place of living.

Nemo potest nisi quad dejure potest. No one is able to do a thing, unless he can do it lawfully.

Support the best, with him, our future will come with endless possibilities.