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None of us is totally helpless in preventing the killing of another human being in our society, in our community. No matter how little, there is something each of us can do to prevent the murder of another human being. It is our responsibility to search for that little or big thing or things each of us can do to prevent the murder of another human being in our society without waiting for that other big man or big woman who is in government or in private Endeavour. Do your part first rather than live in helpless criticism.

Any community that organizes and secures her territory will be avoided by criminals. Wherever criminals are the rulers or have free reign it indicates that the citizens have refused to organize themselves, irrespective of the mountains of "justifying" excuses. Neither politicians nor others can do that for you, we must each get involved and take control of our fate.

Igbo did attempt to take control of their fate till 1966, Fulani has kept theirs till date. If you lose control of your fate, do not blame others, sit down and work out things.
If Restructuring will help you control your fate, sit down with yourself and make it inevitable....!

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