What's on your mind?Dear Nigerian Student: Why commit suicide because you failed an exam?

I hope you know that an intelligent student is not one who comes first in the class or one who earns straight 'As' in all subjects or even one who graduates on top of the class with 101/100%.
An intelligent student is one who has the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.
This means that if you are able to apply what you've learnt in school beyond the classroom, you are intelligent. Classroom examinations often do not give students enough room to apply their knowledge and skills.
That's why a straight 'A' student may not be the most creative in the work world. S/he may have earned 'As' because s/he was able to memorize concepts and could pen them down within an hour or two.
But you do not need to memorize things in the work world. In fact you can use your manual. What matters most is how you are using the knowledge in the manual to solve real life problems.
Again, that you failed 'math' does not mean that you are 'dumb'. It may just mean that 'math' is not your 'thing'. Try 'Literature.'
Extra one year, two or three re-taking exams is doable and don't think that your classmates will become presidents before you graduate. Some may not even secure jobs years after graduation.
I am not saying that you should not work hard. I am saying that you should do your best, but please do not rate your intelligence based on classroom examinations.
- Fr. Godswill Agbagwa