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Nigeria is not developed yet because of some unreasonable fears. Because some people benefit from our undeveloped state. They fear that our development will either put them at a disadvantage or completely out of business.

Road transporters are afraid that working railways will reduce their passengers and therefore their revenue. They prefer moribund railways.

Lagos suffers unreasonable traffic jams because greater chunck of cargoes land in Lagos. Seapot is very busy, airport is very busy. Some people fear that getting standard seaports and airports elsewhere will reduce the revenue and other advantages accrued to Lagos. Yet they complain of the population in Lagos.

We don't have stable electricity partly because those that are deep in generator importation and trading are afraid that steady electricity will put them out of business or drastically reduce their revenue.

Some states that need both local and international airports are not enthusiastic about them simply because some big guns are deep into road transport business and will do everything possible to frustrate triving airports.

So many companies that would have reduced the unemployment rate in the country are either moribund or still on the drawing board long after they were supposed to have taken off simply because some people still want to enjoy some kind of monopoly and some government agencies are aiding and abetting them their greed.

Our public education keeps going down because of some delibrate actions and inactions of some private school owners and their collaborators in government.

I was told that in some places, some road hawkers delibrately damage some portions of the road to slow down moving vehicles so that they can sell their wares. In some other instance, some security forces create roadblocks which cause unnecessary traffic jam so that their road-side collaborating traders can sell.

Truth is, we all want a developed Nigeria but non wants to lose the advantage he currently enjoys for some irrational and unfounded fears. Until we are ready to sacrifice our current individual advantages for a future collective advantage, we all will continue to enjoy the fruit of wickedness by ourselves.

Some children of government officials and some big shorts in Nigeria who lived all their beautiful lives outside the shores of this country have died carelessly on our roads courtesy of avoidable accidents due to bad roads etc.

Our wrong or selfish decisions today can affect some unintended people tomorrow. Be wise. Be aware.

Ekwenugo Stephen
1st May, 2019.

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