After the rains some stubborn Fulani herdsmen will begin to parade their cows on people's farm provoking tribal clashes.

We don't need to fight them, we can put them off our farm if we plant some plants at the boundary of the farm and surroundings.

* Jathropha plants, (Lapalapa) naturaly animals don't like the smell of this plant.

*Senna alata plant (wild water yam) also put animal off.

*Castor plant (Egunsi) is very poisonous to animal,God is wonderful. Animals can smell all poisonous plants.

With the little rain we expect,let's get one out of these plants to secure our farm from those intruders.

You can get victory without a battle if you are prepare for peace,  thanks.

*Forwarded as received, this is not hate speech,  but common sense*

Help a farmer, help Nigeria.