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✅INTERVIEW: Sheathe Your Swords, Oye Tells Aggrieved APGA Members

The national chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief (Dr.) Victor Ike Oye (Ozonkpu), has appealed to aggrieved members of the party to sheathe their swords and embrace peace in order to move the party forward. In  this Part 2 of the interview with Punch Newspapers Correspondent Tony Okafor, Oye speaks on sundry issues ranging from working in love, welfare of party members, leadership training and capacity building as well as imbibing the spirit of forgiveness.

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Punch: What are your projections for the party?

Oye's response: The first thing we will do is to build confidence in people about the party; unite our people; it is very important. We want everybody that feels aggrieved to bury their hatchet; let us work together; it is very important. We are not bragging about it; we need everybody.

  And in fact, APGA is sweeter when we are more. Some of the people who felt aggrieved have their reasons. But I use this medium to ask them to sheathe their swords and let’s work together.

 The future is very rosy. Some of the people who won elections this time never won in the past. But when their time came, they won. We will win in future.

 We are going to look at the welfare of our members. That is what we call stomach infrastructure. We believe that this party has reached a level where it should be able to take care of its members; it is not politics all the time.

 This is something we have been doing silently, without announcing it. But this time, we are going to promote it, so that it would reflect our overall vision.

 We are also looking at the intellectual capacity of the members. I believe that as you are giving to the party, the party is also giving to you, by ensuring that our members get the opportunity to go for intellectual development abroad, and the party will sponsor them. We have a whole lot of things we set out to do, which I cannot espouse in this interview. We have very big plans for this party.

  Meanwhile, our expansion plan will continue. We want to come out with a more elaborate plan on how to begin to win elections in Nigeria in a more concrete form.

 One of the ways to do that is building confidence in the people; building cohesion and synergy here and there.

 We want to invest in our indigent members as a welfarist party and instill discipline in members so that when we give instruction or directive, it will be carried out religiously. That is the kind of thing we want to do.

 We have other things we want to do. We are working with some agencies on how we can send our 36 state chairmen and others abroad for leadership programmes, so that they get developed intellectually and even administratively.

Watch out for the part 3 of this interesting interview.

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