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In no distant time we shall be informed that our party is about to hold Congresses across the states of the federation. What this means is that forms will soon be advertised for sale for those seeking certain positions within the party- from ward executive level, local govt. executives, state executives to party national officers. The bazaar is about to begin yet again.

what most buyers of these forms might not be aware of is the fact that some of these positions are only available on the paper on which they are being advertised. The cost of these forms vary, depending on which post you are interested in.
How you intend to further solidify your intention is entirely up to you, whether under the mango tree or at the Beautiful Gate, but you must have to ‘do the needful’.

The greatest irony is that everything, including the very soul and moral conscience of the party, which is the Board Of Trustees position is also up for sale for the ’modest’ sum of 500,000 Naira. This is a first.

Under our Party constitution, this board should consist of 24 members, namely Individuals of unquestionable integrity as well as all former national chairmen and their secretaries, presidents/ Vice Presidents, Senate presidents/ HOR speakers (if any),produced by the party....by NOMINATION ONLY.
Today, this most sensitive position of the party is also up for sale, which means that anyone, even an ex convict is free to submit a form.

This party is still reeling from the severe repercussions of the sham primaries and massive extortion conducted by ‘election managers’ unwilling to reign in their rogue tendencies and ever willing to sacrifice the goodwill and integrity of APGA for a mess of porridge.
THe National Chairman, Victor Oye is yet to refund and resign.

Some days ago, I was shocked to hear someone refer to APGA as a ‘wetin You carry party’, and even went on to insist that our once cherished party is no different from the Nigeria Customs Service. Whatever this means, it should be concerning to all of us.
I repeat once again, Evil continues to prevail when good men keep silent and do nothing. The Auctioneer is upon us once again. He has done it before, He will do it again. But to all interested parties, I say ‘ngwucha aburo ujo’.

May God save our party .

Amb. Bianca Odumegwu Ojukwu
Member, APGA Board Of Trustees.

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