From census figures, to quota system admission and employment cut off marks in the public sector, to consumption petroleum/fertilizer subsidies, to abolition of resources control, to illegal exploitation of resources imbedded in the North, the Northern Political Establishment always love to cheat and game the system.

For over 49 years now, a vast majority of the Southern Political establishment and most of the efulefus/"mumullectuals" from the Southern part of Nigeria have always made excuses for them and allowed these people to get away with almost every of their deliberate fraud and games against the system. They always have willing tools and partners from the south. Ndi eriri eri group of efulefus.

We have mostly governors and legislators from the South, who cannot stand up to say, enough is enough. The socio-cultural groups like Afanifere, Ohaneze, Pandef and Middle Belt Forum have not been consistently vociferous and aggressive in pressurising this people to stop gaming everyone.

Go to the Niger Delta region today. Every inch of the land and waterways are fully militarilized. The indigenes of the Niger Delta are not allowed to bunker crude oil or set up refineries.

But in Zamfara state , Niger state, Kebbi state and other  part of the North, illegal mining of gold, kaolin, Uranium, Lead  and other precious mineral resources worth billions of dollars have been going on for decades. These precious metals are daily, weekly, monthly and  annually mined, exported  and the proceeds pushed into private pockets without entering the federation accounts.

WHAT STOPPED THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA from  entering into Gold Mining and Production sharing contract with say ... a BARRICK GOLD, one of the biggest gold mining companies in the whole world. Barrick Gold, quoted on the NYSE mine/produce  over $10.6billion worth of gold annually.

Why not officially hand over swath of Zamfara state and other northern state land mass to them to mine gold under a gold mining /production sharing contract, in such ways and manners as we have with the IOCs drilling Niger Delta Crude Oil?

By so doing , proceeds from the gold and other precious metals mined in the North shall be paid into the federation account to be shared by all, just like the Niger Delts Crude oil.

What stopped the FGN from identifying other global best miners of other solid mineral resources in Nigeria and farming out large tract of lands in these areas we have huge deposits of mineral resources under similar Mineral deposit mining/ production sharing contract? Is it only the Niger delta crude oil that is good for stealing and sharing?


Why not identify other global best agricultural companies in the world, either from NETHERLAND OR ISRAEL and farm out large tracts of the over 64million hectares of land mass in the North for them to farm and do forward integration into agro processed commodities using the best processing equipment  for export? We can also do production and export sharing contract with them .

Whenever I look around what happens in this jungle called Nigeria and how our people have been continualy gamed by this bunch of varacious  hyenas , jackals and ravens without them  collectively lifting their voices to say , enough is enough, my heart bleeds.

For Nigeria to move forward and make progress, we must all collectively rise up in the south to say enough is enough. The North will never change. They will rather drag everyone back and keep us in the stone age rather than  move forward into the artificial age.

They loathe restructuring and other governance/ fiscal arrangment that can grow collective and fair game productivity .

The elites  love to keep their masses  under perpetual illiteracy and servitude. By always trying to cheat the system in cahoot with some of their select southern  partners in this retrogressive games, they end up holding everyone down in  this shithole.

However, and  most unfortunately, we equally have many despicable southern  political efulefus and mumullectials, who in their desparate lust for relevance, power, greed, and crumbs from the table will never see the need to push for a bigger cake to be baked for the benefits of all.

God have mercy on us all

Dr Nnaemeka Onyeka Obiaraeri , FICA, MIRA