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Yes the election has come and gone. Lessons:

Emotion does not win election but strategy does .

I want to sincerely apologize to those who might feel offended to my choice of words , those who want me to think like them, those who out of emotions and party affiliations feel offended , please forgive me.

May I also say that I am not a card caring party man of PDP or APC but I still remember I have that of APGA, I am an advocate for good governance irrespective of political party.

My Support for Atikuobi project was and is still because of Peter Obi for what he stands for , though Nigerians have seen in him a leader the nation has been longing for .

If I have my chance again, I will support the duo Atikuobi when compared to what we have now.

Yes , Atikuobi is in court, do I still support them ? Capital YES and will continue until the day of justice .

I am a lover and preacher for good governance  irrespective of party affiliation.

Please don’t let my stand towards this election make you misinterpret my person.

All those who feel offend , please forgive me and those who offended me I sincerely forgive you as well , we remain brothers and sisters.

Those who lost their re-election please accept my sympathy while you appraise and evaluate your strength and weak points as to why you failed .

To all those who won , please remember that Nigerians are looking forward to see you perform.

Let’s get this nation working for the interest of the poor ones on the street, Those who can not boast of one full meal per day also need us  .

Show love to people around you.

To all those who lost their lives, may you find peace in the Lord .

I am #Somjebaby

Let peace rain .

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