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The chronicles of the month of MARCH, in the life of a mad sadist Rotimi Amaechi by Promzy Chimenem Pen:-

Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi was born on the 27th May, 1965.

1. March 1974: Amaechi failed in Primary 4,       and repeated that class.

2. March 31, 1975: Amaechi was suspended from the children's choir.

3. March 1976: Amaechi beat up his primary school teacher Ms. Lucy and was expelled from St. Theresa's primary school. He moved to another school which resulted in the failure of his First School Leaving Examination.

4. March, 1980: Amaechi had a fatal accident, that affected his skull. Amaechi experienced memory loss for two weeks. And baldness set-in at an early stage in his life.

5. March, 1982: Amaechi failed his class 5 final Exams and WASC Examination.

6. March, 1987: Amaechi graduated with a PASS in English studies and Literature from UNIPORT.

7. March, 2010: Amaechi started a fight with Okrika people over the demolition of waterfronts. This was the beginning of his political battles that led to his suspension from the PDP.

8. March, 2013: Amaechi's wife "technically" divorced him, over an alleged romance between Amaechi and Prof. Soyinka's daughter.

9. March, 2014: Amaechi diverted Rivers money to fund the APC.

10. March 19th, 2016: Amaechi and the APC LOST all RERUN elections in Rivers state.

These are no coincidences.
It has been written, right from the foundation of the world but what baffles me is Mr. Amaechi's inability to realize that we are already in the month of March and all his devices to subvert the will of Rivers people will surely come to nought.

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