When a woman bears a beautiful baby, neighbours are eager to carry her around.

And the baby is celebrated within the neighborhood while dancers kiss the floor, chanting songs of joy.
The atmosphere is that of merry and their mood depicts happiness.
Such is the story of our great leader and principal, Hon Barr Chugbo Enwezor whom we celebrate like a beautiful baby with the prestigious honour as our Grand Patron.
It is indeed a demonstration of the philosophy of natural justice, the result of hard work, the manifestation of courage and selfless service to humanity.
Nwa Enwezor,as we celebrates your remarkable achievements, we the entire members of (O P M) simply say, Ride On! Great Achiever, Onitsha community are proud of you.
Let the Drums roll, let the Sound of Igba Abuja be heard and let the dancers be on stage for the Great Masquerade of our time.