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Never fight to win everything in life (Nkiruka llum)

                                                        THE WORDS ON THE MARBLE BY THE GREAT

Flexibility is the quality of suppleness, pliability, adaptability and suitability.
Flexibility is the ability to bend or to realign to different weathers and conditions with easy.
But existential flexibility is to approach life as an infinite game where the rule is never to fight and win "Rather" to fight and stay long.
Most times most people think that they can fight and win anything on earth.
For that reason they are fighting to be better than others.
They fighting to acquire more properties than everyone.
They are fighting to achieve the highest heights in their endeavors and to get more titles and degrees than everyone.
They are fighting to be the richest people on earth and they are fighting to amass great wealth for their children like though they are going to live on earth forever.
But the truth is that no one can ever win the battle of life to be better than everyone for a long time.
Life is is like a marathon race around a very large globe and the system allows you to be ahead sometimes and to be behind some other times.
When you fight to win everything in life, you will die and lose life.
But when you fight to stay relevant in life, you will win life and live long.
Sometimes most people see themselves as competing against other people.
But that is simply a psychological insensitivity, because even if you get better than your closest rival, you will still meet up with a new rival who you will also try to fight and win and that is how new rivals will continue to come until you will find out that you can't win anything on earth.
Moreover some people misunderstood their rival as a competitor whom they must fight and win.
But a competitor is not the same as rival .
A competitor is someone who is challenging you for a particular prize or position.
But a rival is someone who is sharing the same limelight with you .
In other words, a rival is a person whom you can look up to for inspiration and motivation because he or she is always there to show you the index of your performance.

Therefore, you shouldn't treat your rival as an enemy even though he or she is giving you a very tough time trying to maintain their level in order to remain relevant.
More so yourself is your biggest rival who you must always fight very hard to improve and get better than.
*Never fight to win everything in life.*
*But fight to get the best out of your life*
That is the law of Existential Flexibility*
Good luck and God bless you all.

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