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Avoidable deaths: A stitch in time saves nine By: Ifeanyi Okonkwo

The number at which untimely death is been recarded in recent times has become a disturbing reoccurance.

One leaves home in the morning and is not even sure if he or she will come back alive.

It is Surprising how caution is been throw to the wide as people are living reckless were by puting other peoples life in denger.

It is regretable how innocent lives are been cut short, dreams are been ended. Soo many questions with little or no  answers .

How long are we going to  continue in buring people with bright future whose expertise the world needs. How do we console their loved ones?

This tragedy is global and the issue now is not who to blame but to understand why and how these tragedy should be avoided.

Last wednesay will go down in the history books of Anambra as a day which many will live to remember as a loaded tank with kerosine lost control and ran over alot of people and vehicles on the road side  along Toronto hospital Upper Iweka and MCC axis leaving many lives lost and scores injured.

Fire is one of the ucontrolable forces and if taken for granted can cause more havoc than expected. The teles of woe, lamentations and regrets which will not be  easily forgoten is the order of the day

The caualties unfortunitely meet their untimely death as they were soo unlucky to have given up the ghost before they were rescued.

One of the relatives of the fire victim's after confirming the death of his cusen broke down in tears saying "God gives and takes, we cannot question him. All i need to do now is pray for the repose of his soul and console his family and siblings.

Fortunatly, some of the surviving victimes are in stable condition and still receiving medical attention while there family members expressed gratitude to God for the survival of their family members.

Several thanks has also been given by the families of the fortunate victims to government and the medical team for their care.

It will be recalled that president Muhammadu Buhari in a statement signed by his special adviser on media and publicity Femi Adesina, commiserated with the government and peoole of Anambra over the sad incident urging hospitals to give the survivors effective medical attention .

The president also sent condolences to the families of those who lost their lives .

Commissioner for information and public enlightenment C-Don Adinuba on his part said Governor Willie Obiano has directed that the wonded
Persons be given the best teatement at the government expenses.

Anambra state government has also set up investigative panel to determine the cause of the accident and make recommendations.

Reacting to the fire desaster Mr Stephen a commercial bus driver in awka petropolise said "Government should ensure that tank farm operators should work in line with the lad down rules and regulations which he said will be for the benefit of all.

Another bus driver (Name witheld) added by saying 'Operatives are awear of the havoc caused by tanker farm, its drivers and the activities, but have decided to show non-challent attitude. It is really sad

He however listed deficit in infrastructure, bad road, poor drainage system as serious factors leading leading to  this avoidable manace.

He concluded by saying that for the fact that house are close to filling stations there will continue to be lost of lives any time there is an outbreake and lost of lives and properties will be inevitable.

Mrs Tina Uba who resides at Onitsha in a post in her twitter account while commending the effort of Anambra state government to better the community, frowned at the recklessness of some tanker drivers insisting that they contribute more of the havoc.

 She suggested that tankers should be permitted to ply the roads only at night when the roads will be less busy.

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