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Since 2015 ndi Awka South 1 perceptions of the pervasive, redundant and persistent failure of the present Legislator in many areas over the first three years of his tenure have led the opinion moulders and stakeholders to seek alternative in their efforts to address plenty of issues confronting the Constituency.

The truth is , when you have an ineffective and incompetent legislator, the Constituents become victims of poor leadership.

*Hon. Nnamdi Okafor* was elected in 2015 to revamp the Constituency, to inject ideas and make laws that will effect his immediate Constituents. What need is a law or bill when it doesn't trickle down, touching the lives of the same people you took an oath to serve?

There was high hope in 2015 when Nnamdi Okafor mounted leadership position as a legislator but soon after he was inaugurated alongside his colleagues at the State House of Assembly, Hon. Nnamdi Okafor practically went to sleep.

To Nnamdi Okafor seeking for reelection will be easy. To his understanding, towards the last year of his tenure, he will start reaching out, make the people believe he is working by showing up in event and doing one or two inconsequential projects and it will be smooth sail for him.

An appellation of 'failure' had recently be added to his name by his people who are gravely dissatisfied with his inglorious leadership that has brought no significant progress in Awka South 1.

The call for a much better change becomes inevitable moreso when Nnamdi Failure Okafor can't present his stewardship to the people and account for the over 200 million Constituency funds he collected since 2015.

Today, and few weeks to election, Hon. Nnamdi Failure Okafor (NFO) is faced with the herculean task of telling the people his achievements in four years. The impacts such achievements, if any, have made in the lives of ndi Awka South 1.

It is only through open accountability, that the people will appraise his performance and  consider if he is qualified to be returned or sent packing.

Another twist to the very bad campaign strategy of Nnamdi Failure Okafor is to attempt to deceive the enlightened public that his second tenure will assure the Constituency speaker role.

What a lame campaign strategy and this can only come from a legislator who has nothing to show, otherwise Nnamdi Failure Okafor ought to know that a legislator don't need to be a speaker to deliver or perform.

Since Nnamdi Failure Okafor lacks historic facts, let him be reassured that Chief Emeka Igwe, who is the best alternative to his lacklustre representation, will outperform him without taking up any role in the house. And if he wishes to, as a first timer, Igwe has the charisma and wherewithal to take up the Deputy Speaker role, just the same way Hon Chukwudi Orizu did in his first shot.

My advice to the electorates is to desist from reinforcing failure with their votes in the forthcoming election. The only project Nnamdi Failure Okafor has been planning to execute since 2015 is to wait till election day and buy their conscience with peanuts and continue  impoverishing the Constituency another four years.

Hon. Emeka Igwe has provided the only way out for the Constituency. His track records have placed him well above the incumbent.

Constituency work for all when the leaders lead well and the citizens act right.

_*Emeka Igwe, who is the PDP Candidate, has carried out the highest issue based campaign so far in the state. He came prepared and he will surely fix the Constituency and change the narratives.

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