Anambra state Consultative Assembly for good leadership led by its chairman Bishop Ezedebego Moses have come out to say that for any society to succeed there must be equal right and justice.

They group in a press briefing recently in Awka, Anambra State Capital frowned at the state of the nation especially concerning governments activities.

According to Bishop Moses "Our vision is to propagate good leadership and our mission is to defend, promote and protect the interest of our people and to uphold tolerance and respect and to have a level playing ground for all.

"Our aim and objectives is to call the attention of government, politicians, political parties and the electorates on matters challenging the good governance and social justice of the state or nation.

"To corporate and support any political party in Nigeria or presidential candidate who is sincerely committed to granting Ndigbo there fair share of national development and equitable appointment in government and parastatals.

"Our special interest is on restructuring. To propagate the restructuring of Nigeria and to establish equity, unity, development and justic of the nation in all ramifications of good governance by addressing the core issues of ethnic agitation.

"The lopsided federal structure and dysfunctional structure as well as the over centralization and polificization of law and order in this country are major threats to contemporary governance in the country.

"Good governance and impartial enforcement of the rule of law. Particularly the laws on Human Rights should be followed. Transparency, responsiveness, consensus, equity, effectiveness, accountability and strategic vision should be applied.

"The burden and passion in the heart of so many petrotic citizens of our dear country has necessitated and given birth to several platforms like ours through which they express their collective commitment to nation building.

"Let me use this opportunity to appreciate the Governor of Anambra state His Excellency Chief (Dr) Willie Obiano on his constant efforts and commitment towards building a better Anambra state through massive development strides on the state. We are here to partner with the state government for the progress of our state.

Dr. Chike Obidibo, Ego Akabogu, Sam Nworah, Nnanna Egwu and Goody Ogbogu in their separate speeches added saying

"If there is anything going wrong in the nation, we as elders should be bold enough to speak up against it. A good leader should be able to stand up and tell his subordinate when things are going right or wrong.

"The essence is to come together and address certain issues. We will meet with the governor to confirm if he is not aware about certain things that is happening.

"Government is for everybody and not for a particular region or a certain denomination. Appointment should be based on merit, capability and qualifications.

"We discus, advice and consult. If there are any discrepancies in governance, it is evidence that there is a problem in leadership.

Anambra State Consultative Assembly for good leadership is not a political party, not a church organization, not a pressure group, not a group of protesters but a group clamouring for equity and fairness.